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First year college "non-renewable" scholarships are available to high school seniors who are pursuing their studies in higher education. 


Application and all accompanying documents must be received by February 15th.


To request the Rhode Island Polonia Scholarship Application for 1st year college students:

***Click here to review and print the scholarship application.
***Click here to review and print the scholarship criteria. 
Please Note: You can submit the application dated 2016 OR 2017.  Do not submit any outdated application from your school's Guidance Office from a previous year.


 Please read the important information below regarding

 Criteria and Requirements (linked above to print for your reference) asked of each and every applicant

for First Year College Scholarships.



For the 2016/2017 academic year, scholarships will be awarded to students of Polish-American descent who are Rhode Island residents or who belong to a Rhode Island Polish-American organization.
Scholarships are open to high school seniors applying to an accredited post-secondary educational institution in either a two or four year program.


Criteria for awards include academic achievement; community service and financial need. The scholarship awards are for one year.


                         AWARDED ANNUALLY

Of the scholarships awarded, two scholarships honor distinguished members of the Rhode Island Community.


The Reverend Fredrick V. Slota Scholarship is awarded to the candidate with the most outstanding academic and personal accomplishments, irrespective of financial need.


The Dr. Dorothy R. Pieniadz Scholarship is awarded to a student planning a career in education or human services.

The Rhode Island Polonia Scholarship Foundation scholarships are not limited to the specialized scholarships listed above.

All applications will be considered for any of the above scholarships. 


All scholarships are non-renewable.













Click Here


                    FOR SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS

1. Student of Polish-American descent who is a Rhode Island resident or who belongs to a Rhode Island Polish-American organization and U.S. citizen.
2. Academic qualification of “B” or its equivalent.
3. Official academic transcript, including rank in class.
4. Completion
of the entire application form.
5. Three letters of reference sent directly to the Foundation.
6. I.R.S. statement and W2 Form of parents and student (if student has also filed) from the previous year. Failure to submit these financial forms eliminates the individual.
7. Student’s personal profile/essay (typed) which includes accomplishments, activities in and out of school, future goals, and financial need.
8. One page (typed) essay - see application & 2017 Required Essay Topic:


Since joining the European Union in 2004, the economic and political influence of Poland in global reality has increased significantly. How would you describe Poland’s role and influence in the world these days?

9. Student must be present at the Awards Ceremony to accept the award.



                            **FEBRUARY 15

**The application and all required documentation (listed above) must be received by the Foundation no later than February 15.


Announcement of the awards will be made in late March/ April at a special Awards Ceremony. The scholarship money will be forwarded to the student’s college in two payments upon the confirmation of enrollment for the fall and spring semesters.

Applications are being made available at high schools and may be requested by sending an
email to or clicking on the document linked at the top of this page to download.


You may call (401) 243-4982 with any questions..



for 2016 Recipients ONLY


College/ University verification is necessary for funds to be paid out to the institutions.    


****It is the student's responsibility to submit the Reimbursement letter to their school for validation and have it returned to the Foundation for disbursement of funds.  


****Undistributed funds will revert back to the Foundation by the start of the first day of the new year after the First Semester has ended.